Hari Orientasi Koko Kelab Inovasi Ting 1

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Rancangan Activity Tahunan 2024/2025

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Makers@USM International Virtual Fair 2022

– Most Rising Stars Secondary Category


– Lazy Cheese Tart


– Creative Lamp

– Lazy Layered Cake

– Healthier High Fibre Milk Tea

– Tomato Sauce

– Vege Wash

– Utilization of Expired Yogurt as Organic Fertilizer Into Agricultural Use


– Innovative Farming Of Edible Microgreens At Home

– Pomelo Albedo

– Innovative Washable Diaper

– Tissue Solution

Special Awards

– Best Creative Agriculture Award (Pomelo Albedo)

– Best Prototype Award (Innovative Washable Diaper)

Teacher’s Award

– Certificate of Appreciations (Chung Sze Hui, Jayanthi A/P Shunmugavelu, Loh Pei Yee, Prakesh A/L Ramamoorthy)


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Activity 1/9/2021

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AGM 2021 (28/7)

No description available.

The Annual General Meeting held online on 28/7/2021

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Penyata Penerimaan dan Pembayaran

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Laporan Tahunan Kelab Inovasi STEM 2021

No description available.

Speech given by teacher advisor, Pn Chung Sze Hui

No description available.

Members Group Photo :>

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Rancangan Tahunan 2022

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AGM 2020

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Pertandingan Rekacipta dan Inovasi Karnival STEM Peringkat Negeri Pulau Pinang


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Bengkel STEM Electronic

Student Lee Pei-Zhe and Be Tien Chien had participated in a camp on 11th August with the assistance of Pn.Chung Sze Hui and Dr.Wong. This Camp is organised at Penang Science Cluster @Heritage. Both of them learns many scientific applications and ways to do science.We wish that more students could involved in this kind of camp as it is very beneficial to us.

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Pertandingan Reka Cipta dan Inovasi Karnival Teknologi Hijau


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